What You Need to Know about Article Writing in Journalism in Canada

Article writing in journalism in Canada is different from medicine and health essay writing or writing any topic articles and informative compositions. The reason is that this type of writing requires presenting information in a particular way. You must be able to write and convey the needed information but only in a limited number of words. In this case, you must write in a straightforward manner, giving all the facts to the intended audience. Knowing how to write this type of article will help you improve your writing skills and deliver information concisely and clearly.

article writing in journalism in canada

Interesting Facts about Journalism

The experts offering you to buy custom essay are sharing a few interesting facts about journalism that you must know. Here are some of them.

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  • Sometimes journalists are exposing themselves to danger when reporting in conflict areas or in places where press freedom is not accepted or respected.
  • A columnist is a writer that writes her or his opinion or POV for a magazine or newspaper. On the other hand, a correspondent is one that reports from another location. These professionals are working for a TV station, a radio station or a newspaper.
  • The person who facts check is called the fact checker. He or she is the one that ensures that the facts in a news report are correct. On the other hand, a presenter or anchor is the one presenting in a news program.
  • How do you call someone who reports using photos? He is called a photojournalist, who tells a news story in the form of photos.

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  • What is involved in working in a broadcast media? Those working in the field must meet the demands and peculiarities in the other media forms.


How do you call the thesis of article writing in journalism in Canada? It is called the Nut graf, which is the thesis of the news or article. It is the main crux of the argument. Sometimes, it is called the nutshell paragraph. In all cases, the nut graf must be brief and poignant.

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How to Make a News Article for Journalism in Canada

If you want to develop your writing skills, you must learn how to write a news article for journalism, one of the most interesting writing areas that will challenge you. Check out the following for what to know in writing this article type.

  1. In writing informative pieces, you should research the topic first so that you can come up with a credible, relevant and well-written piece. The most important parts of the news article are the ‘who, what, where, why, when and how ‘– which is usually in the first paragraph. It is also called the lead or gist of the article, summing up the most important information.
  2. Compile the facts. Answer the questions and write down the facts that have to be in your news story. You must be able to organize your information – the most relevant to include, the interesting although not vital and the related but not very important for the article’s purpose. Doing so, you will avoid leaving any information behind and write a succinct article.
  3. Write the outline of the article. This is important in the journalism article format in Canada. You must have it structured or arranged in an inverted pyramid or triangle format, meaning the most important goes to the first portions of the article. Do not bury the lead in all cases but write them above the fold.
  4. Know the readers or audience for your article. Writing with them in mind would be easier to help you choose the right tone and style for your news article. Always remember that your readers are who are going to dictate the tone and voice of the news article. For help, you may want to check out our example of the journalistic article.
  5. Choose and write an angle of the story. The angle is what you’re going to emphasize much in the story. But in all cases, you must be transparent and balance.

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The Importance of Journalism Nowadays

  • It is important in a democratic country to function well.
  • It keeps the people educated, entertained and informed on the most relevant issues in the society.
  • Journalism provides the people with the information they need.
  • It opens the eyes of the people about the government, its policies and other things that affect their lives in general.

Tips on Writing a Great Journalism Article

What is a journalistic article? It is an article for journalism meant to inform readers about a particular issue or event. The news article is not an editorial, so it must not contain any opinion or point of view of the writer.

  1. Always begin with the lead – a strong leading sentence that grabs the readers’ attention. It must state the topic of the news article quickly.
  2. Provide all the important details from the beginning.
  3. Follow up with additional information supporting the main facts. These are the details that will help readers learn more about the topic as well as the involved parties.
  4. Conclude the article but make sure it is complete.
  5. Proofread and check the facts in the article. Do not submit it without doing these steps. In a news story, accuracy is most important, so make sure to check the facts to build your credibility.
  6. Do not inject opinions in the news article. Keep it objective and unbiased. Avoid writing statements, which are overly negative or positive, or you may convey criticism or support.

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