What Is Discussion Essay in Canada and What Are the Secrets of Writing It?

discussion ssay topicsThe purpose of a discussion essay is to talk about ideas and concepts that are yet to be understood or resolved in full. As such, a good topic for discussion is any one in which debate is to be had. It requires that you cover both sides of any argument presented, meaning that you’ll need a complete understanding of the topic as a whole. Only then can you include personal opinions and draw the proper conclusions. If you’ve been wondering what is discussion essay in Canada, now you know.

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Choose Your Discussion Essay Topics

When it comes to choosing from a list of discussion essay topics, you would be well advised to pick a subject that you find fascinating. At the same time, you’ll have to select a topic for which you feel confidently able to present both sides of the story. Providing that you have developed a genuine interest in the topic at hand, you’ll find the process of research simple and enjoyable. Here are 10 topics you might like to use for your discussion essay:

  • Should tobacco products be made illegal?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned worldwide?
  • Is animal testing a necessary practice?
  • Do prisoners deserve the right to vote?
  • Should companies be permitted to advertise in schools?
  • Should animals be kept in zoos?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of aid programs for developing countries.
  • University courses should be remodeled to suit society’s economic needs. Discuss.
  • Is the death penalty effective on a societal level?
  • More money should be spent on space exploration. Discuss.
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What Are the Main Features of Discussion Essays?

As you can see from the discussion essay example ideas above, this style of essay is most commonly encountered in the social sciences and other humanitarian subjects. To excel in such fields of study, you need to have a great understanding of the specific requirements of this kind of essay as well as various others. Make sure you’re familiar with discussion essay structure by absorbing the information below.

what is discussion essay in Canada answers and topics

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Having chosen a topic, perhaps from the discussion essay example ideas above, it’s time to create an outline for your essay and the arguments within. The purpose of this planning stage is to allow you to put pen to paper and get your thoughts out on the page. You should attempt to make a detailed plan involving numbers, bullet points, arrows and whatever else helps you to organize your thoughts. Once you have an idea of your discussion essay structure you can begin to write an introductory series of paragraphs. This section should aim to get an uninformed reader up to speed on what you intend to discuss. It can be used also to give the reader an idea of your thought processes so that they’ll follow your essay more easily.

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Writing the Main Body of Your Work

The main body of your essay is all about putting flesh on the bones of the basic ideas you outlined in your introduction. If you’re struggling with this aspect, you can use a sample of discussion essay writing to see how it ought to be done. Samples provided by expert authors will demonstrate how research data can be used to form arguments on both sides of the fence. At this point, your writing should appear impartial and unbiased.

You’ll see from any sample of discussion essay bodies that one side of the argument is discussed before the other, with no preference given to either at this stage. It is wise to begin with your weakest arguments and data first, building up to your largest and most compelling arguments. This approach makes for the best essay as your reader will easily be able to deconstruct your thought processes. You must always end your essay with a conclusion which summarizes the information presented in the main body. This is the point at which you can safely express your own opinion based on the evidence you have examined previously.

Having read this short guide, you now know all about what is discussion essay in Canada and custom essay writing. You can choose an appropriate topic, and structure your discussion such that it covers all aspects of the given argument. As a result, you are confident in expressing your own learned opinion on this topic and forming the correct conclusions. Learning by example is clearly the way forward.

Armed with the knowledge of what is discussion essay in Canada, you’ll get top grades with ease. Follow the example set by the experts and you’ll achieve great success.

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