7 Tricks for Creating Your Thesis Proposal Methodology Canada

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An Effective Thesis Proposal

Before you will be allowed to go ahead and do your research you will be asked to complete a thesis proposal. This is your opportunity to justify the research that you want to do and also demonstrate that you know just how you will do the work. You need to be able to demonstrate your thesis methodology or/and an expository essay that you have considered and selected methods that are going to give your research a high chance of being successful.

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Selecting the right methodology to use to conduct your research and make your analysis, however, is rarely easy. You need to be able to show if you will use a qualitative or quantitative method or if your selection will be a combination of both. You also need to show that the methods that you use will follow accepted practice within your field. This all needs to be written up within your proposal’s methodology section to the same standard as the rest of your paper. Your writing is also important as they will want to see that you will be able to meet the demands for academic English and formatting that you will need to meet when you write your actual thesis.

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What Are the Parts of Thesis Proposal?

You do need to take great care when writing your proposal to ensure that you cover everything that they will be looking for. You have to be able to persuade them that you will be able to complete your research with a high probability of success and that the problem is worthy of study at this level. From your title for thesis proposal through to your bibliography everything must be done perfectly.

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A typical structure for your proposal will look like:

  • Your title page
  • Abstract of thesis proposal
  • The table of contents
  • Proposal Introduction
  • Your thesis statement or research questions
  • Methodology for research
  • Discussion and expected results
  • Timing plan for your research
  • Research implications
  • Bibliography

Different subjects and institutions may have very specific requirements for how your proposal should be laid out. It is therefore very important that you work with your supervisor closely to fully understand the expectations for your proposal before you write it.

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How to Do a Thesis Proposal Methodology

A methodology is often one of the hardest sections to write if you want to be able to show the reader that you have chosen the most appropriate methods.

The following guidance will help you to ensure that you will write a convincing methodology for your proposal:

  • Explain the overall type of data collection and analysis you will undertake. Will you use qualitative or quantitative methods or a combination of both? You will need to give a clear justification as to why you are making those choices.
  • Explain the specific methods that you are going to use to gather your data and analyze it and offer to a reason for why you have selected those specific methods.
  • If required break down your methodology into all of the components such as subjects, method, required equipment, etc.
  • Do not go into detailed explanations as to how you will undertake work that everyone already understands such as sending out a questionnaire.
  • Where required provide your sources for any relevant research in supporting literature you have undertaken when selecting the methods that you will use.
  • Highlight any potential problems and limitations with the methods that you will use. Explain how you will overcome any issues if they do occur.
  • Proofread your work very carefully so that there are no errors at all.

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