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Time management is essential in many situations. It is an essential skill that everyone must learn no matter his or her industries and professions. Making use of time wisely is one of the keys to a successful life and career. Effectively using time will help one streamline the process of his work and get it done without any delays. If you’re asked to write an essay on time management, such as a time management essay college Canada, keep reading this the importance of time management for students essay writing in Canada guide. Once convinced, feel free to order our custom essay writing service.

time management essay writing in canadaTime management plays a big role not only to organizations but also to the people’s lives. It involves and includes setting goals and objectives, effective planning, setting deadlines, spending the right time on activity as well as prioritizing activities depending on their importance.

How to Write an Essay on Time Management

Time management is essential in any setting whether it is for relationships, education or career. You need to manage your time in order to complete everything without missing a deadline or running short of time. In time management essay writing in Canada, you must pick a suitable topic, which is interesting and relevant to you. Picking an interesting topic makes it easier for you to relate yourself to the paper and provide your own examples, too.

For help in the process of writing the time management paper, check out the following tips and tricks:

  • Concise and clear introduction: as much as possible, you need to tell your audience why time management is essential. It is good to write in generalities or lead your audience to the main points of what are the things covered in the time management essay. Later, you can revisit your statements in the body of your essay.
  • Time management intricacies: you can mention time management intricacies clearly in the body of your essay and write about why time management is essential for work relationships and schools. You also need to give examples and ensure that your body paragraphs are organized clearly. It is better to use 3rd party examples than pulling from your personal experience so that you can build validity to your arguments in some cases. More so, you must also check that your paragraphs are not intermingled and jumbled.
  • Finish the essay with a strong note by restating your ideas: you should not just summarize every point that you made but your essay as a whole. Be sure to keep your conclusion short and avoid presenting new ideas at this stage. You must also finish with a bang so that your paper will be remembered by your readers.
  • Revise: make sure to revise your paper when needed. In addition, you must check spelling and grammar. Finally, you should edit your essay to ensure you present the details as professionally and as clearly as possible.
  • Samples online: you can check out time management essay example in Canada online for more ideas.

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Facts About Time Management

  • 70% of professional and business people use to-do list on regular basis.
  • It takes twice as long in order to complete a task as what people thought it would take.
  • A person who works in cluttered or messy desk spends 1 ½-hour average per day looking for the things they need.
  • About 20% of the average workday is being spent on important and crucial things, while 80% of the average workday is on things that have no or little value.
  • An average individual gets one interruption every 8 minutes.
  • If you want something to be done, then give it to a busy person.
  • The average working individual spends less than two minutes each day in having meaningful communication with their spouse.
  • About 80% of the employees do not want to go to work on a Monday morning.
  • The average individual uses 13 different methods in controlling and managing their time.
  • In an average day, there are 17 million meetings in the USA.
  • About 97% of workers prefer not to continue with their current occupation or current employer when they become financially independent.


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Difficulties in Writing an Essay

Whether it is a persuasive or narrative paper, essay writing time management in Canada is challenging for some because the writing process is a long road, including the numerous drafts to do and lengthy revisions to make.

Look through some important essay writing tips:

  • Identify the purpose of the essay: you can save enough time by identifying your essay purpose. You can do it if you brainstorm. Brainstorming works best if you do not censor your thoughts, and it is better to write down the ideas you think of immediately to avoid forgetting it. By doing this, you can take the essential points you want to address in the paper.
  • Writing the thesis statement: a thesis statement is a sentence that is written at the end of your first or second paragraph explaining your main point. Most of the time, many students have a hard time having a clear thesis statement. One of the best tactics is to draft your thesis statement before starting writing your essay body. Organizing your activities is essential before getting started to write as well.
  • Taking note of omitting colloquialisms and slang: an academic writing requires objective and a 3rd person voice fits the essay formality. Numerous students struggle to omit colloquialisms and slant patterns. In some cases, students feel the need to use complex language and big words to sound smarter. You can write better by choosing effective and clear language, which is also easy to understand by your readers.
  • Insecurities: many students are struggling because of their insecurities about their abilities in writing. According to Purdue Online Writing Lab, students must remember that their first draft will never be perfect because it is only the starting point. Writing a draft will lift up the confidence level and effectively using their drafts to make a perfect essay can help a lot.
  • Citing sources: sometimes students do not cite sources in their essay because they do not know what the proper format is. Documenting sources through works cited and in-text citations is essential convention when it comes to academic writing.

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