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Getting the Structure of a PhD Thesis Canada Right

Your PhD thesis is the document that you will submit to demonstrate your research and its findings in support of gaining your degree. It can take you 5 or 6 years of hard work to create and will typically be around 150 pages or more in length depending on your subject area and style of writing. It must however be written in a very precise manner if you want to have your work accepted and to gain your degree. Qualified custom essay writer can help you with this goal.

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Your thesis will be lodged with the many others produced by your university within their library and will be expected to follow the specific style and structure expected of that institution. Having a common writing style allows other researchers to know precisely where to find what they are looking for within your paper and to interpret it correctly. Incorrectly using that style or failing to write in a the right manner can see your paper being rejected.

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So it is vital that you fully understand exactly how your PhD thesis chapters should be structured and what should be covered within each. You also need to understand exactly how your PhD thesis contents should be formatted to get it spot on. Each university and subject will have very specific requirements and these must be followed perfectly.

Getting Your PhD Structure Correct

Different subjects and institutions have different requirements and many allow a certain amount of flexibility within your writing as long as you meet their style requirements. The following list of sources contains the approaches expected through a number of institutions:

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A typical PhD structure will look something like the following:

  • Abstract; a single page summary of PhD thesis contents
  • Introduction, this should take up around 10% of your writing
  • Literature review; around 20% of your total length
  • Methodology; another 20% of your writing
  • Results; cover your findings with about 20% of your writing
  • Discussion; 20% of your length
  • Conclusions and recommendations; this should be around 10% of your length
  • References
  • Appendices

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Writing Your PhD Thesis Effectively

Knowing how your thesis should be structured and how it needs to be formatted is only part of the battle. You still have to write it. The following guidance will help you to craft a thesis correctly:

  • Plan your research and writing very carefully; with many years of work to do it can be tempting to just go with the flow. The problem is that this lack of focus is not going to help either your research or your writing. If you want to get the work done and written up effectively you must plan each step of the process including allowing time for editing and proofreading.
  • Outline your paper; having a full understanding of what your paper will look like before you even start to write is very important. The more you invest in getting your outline sketched out the easier it will be to do the actual writing and the better your final paper will flow. An outline also helps you to identify areas where you need to do more work at an early stage as well as preventing a lot of time consuming rewriting.
  • Get into a regular routine for writing; set aside a regular time each day during which you will do your writing and research. Use a location in which you can sit comfortably to do your work that is free of any form of distraction such as social media. Use your plan and set daily targets for what you will need to achieve.
  • Review and check your work; editing and proofreading is very important at this level. Never trust your computer to find all errors and invest a significant amount of time to ensure that your writing is as good as it can be. Often it is best to have your work checked professionally.

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