How to Do a Literature Review for a Dissertation Canada: Guide

how to do a literature review for a dissertation Canada

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The Purpose of a Literature Review in a Dissertation

A literature review is a thorough analysis of the available research and writings around the topic area of your dissertation. You use it to provide a clear background and setting for your own research so that the reader can clearly understand where your personal work sits. You will demonstrate that your work is important to the field in which you are researching and that no one has yet researched it or that there are weaknesses in what has been done previously. Persuasive essay writing in Canada services from our agency definitely will improve your work. If you need to know how to do a literature review for a dissertation Canada, keep reading.

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Writing a literature review is not however simple. Many students will struggle with this part of their dissertation and will want to just jump straight into getting on with their own research. Your lit review must be structured correctly for your paper, written in clear and easy to understand academic English, and done in the correct academic style or format for your course. It must also be based on sources that are reliable and relevant to your own area of research.

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Writing a Literature Review Effectively for Your Research

What many students don’t realize is that there is not just one set way to write a literature review. There are many different ways in which you could approach your analysis of literature and how you will write it up within your paper. Which method you will choose will very much depend on the type of research you are conducting, your subject area, and what it is that you hope to show through your literature review.

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The following are some of the different styles of literature review writing that you could undertake within your dissertation paper:

writing a literature review in Canada

How to Do a Literature Review for a Dissertation Canada

The different parts of literature review writing and research need to be done with great care if you want to get the results that you are looking for. The following advice will run you through the steps in writing a literature review:

  • Ensure that you fully understand the thesis or research questions that you are researching around; without a focus for your review it can be difficult to keep your work on track and to write something that will be coherent.
  • Understand the specific academic style that you will be using so that you can collect the right information when you conduct your research such as publisher, author, publication title, year published, etc.
  • Use reliable sources for your research. If you use the internet use a scholarly search engine and select reliable sites such as educational ones from which to draw information. Trace information back to the primary source where it is possible. Make good use of your library to access research papers, journals and other sources.
  • Make an outline for your writing so that you can see how the different areas that you research will flow together. This will help you better structure your writing and avoid a lot of rewriting as well as showing where additional research may be required.
  • Edit and proofread what you have written. Academic writing is very demanding and you will want to ensure that what you have written contains effective wording and flow, as well as being completely free of errors and formatted correctly.

We Can Help with Your Literature Review

The review of literature section of your dissertation is often the hardest part to write as well as one of the most time consuming. This is why; even with the guidance provided above, you may want to seek out professional support. Our services provide you with expert help through experts that will hold a post graduate degree in a field relevant to your personal research.

They work with you through our services one on one to fully understand what you want to achieve. All of the support that they provide is confidential and work is tested thoroughly to confirm that it is unique and free of any errors. The services that we provide are completely reliable and able to deliver on time, they are also covered our full satisfaction money back guarantee.

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