12 Do’s and Don’ts for an Awesome Critical Analysis Essay Canada

critical analysis essay Canada

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What Is a Critical Analysis Essay?

A critical analysis essay is an evaluation of someone else’s work. This can be anything from a book to a piece of art work. It is far more than just a simple book review however. You will be looking to examine the motivation of the author, who their intended audience is, what they have intended to achieve through their work and how well they have done it. There are never any right or wrong answers with a critical analysis; after all you will be expressing your own personal opinions. If you want to know more what is discussion essay in Canada, keep reading.

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As with all of the other essays that you are required to write you will want to complete it to the highest possible standard. After all if you want to finish your course with the grades you are looking for you will have to work hard and achieve the best results throughout.

Your Critical Analysis Essay Structure

Structuring your critical essay correctly will help you to understand just how you should do it. A critical analysis does not have to be difficult as long as you approach it correctly and break it down so that you understand what you should cover within your writing. Often the easiest way is to simply take the basic structure for the essay and then outline what you should cover within each section of the essay.

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The following is a typical outline for a critical essay:

  • Introduction; this should cover all of the following:
    • The title of the work
    • The author
    • Information about its publication
    • The purpose of the work and intended audience
    • Your personal thesis statement giving your reaction to the work
  • A brief summary or description of what the work in question is.
    • Your personal interpretation or evaluation of the work in question:
    • How the work has been organized
    • The style in which the work has been completed
    • The effectiveness of the work
    • How has the topic been covered and treated?
    • What is the appeal to the intended audience?
  • Conclusion; summarize what you have covered and restate your thesis using different words.

competition law thesis writingCritical Essay Writing Tips

Learning how to write a good critical essay does not have to be hard if you follow our do’s and don’ts:

6 things to avoid when writing your critical analysis:
  1. Not answering the prompt that you have been set; always make sure that you understand exactly what your tutors is asking you to do.
  2. Not introducing the work that you are analyzing; a common error is to neglect to detail out what work you are looking at and thinking that the audience will know anything about it.
  3. Don’t use “I think” or “In my opinion”; the focus should be on what you are analyzing and not on you.
  4. Failing to include your thesis statement; the reader wants to understand what you do think of the work.
  5. Not backing up your opinions with evidence; you need to show why you think what you do with examples to support what you say.
  6. Letting typos slip through; mistakes in your writing will have a significant impact on the grades that you are awarded.
6 things that you should do when writing your critical analysis essay Canada:
  1. Actually read and consider the work that you have been asked to critique so that you form your own opinions on what has been accomplished by its creator.
  2. Create an outline so that you have a clear idea about what you will write and how it should be structured.
  3. Make sure that your essay is easy to read. Use short and concise sentences that cover the key points of what you want to say.
  4. Have clear transitions between your paragraphs so that you writing has a clear flow and is easy to read rather than sounding like a list.
  5. Use the present tense when writing your analysis even if the work is set in the past.
  6. Read your essay aloud to check if there are any errors in your writing.

Following all of the information and guidance above will help you to craft a well written critical analysis essay in response to your tutors prompt. Follow their expectations and always ensure that you submit your essay assignment on time if you don’t want to lose out on your grade.

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