Canadian Economics Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

best Canadian economics undergraduate dissertation topics

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How Hard Is It to Come up with Usable Economics Dissertation Ideas?

Your dissertation needs to written about a topic that is important to the field of economics and in an area that no one else has already researched. This can be very hard to find for many students. But without that topic what will you do your research on? Coming up with the right topic ideas for your research is very important part of your own research and an area that you should devote time to. Coming up with an idea (for instance for you Canada analysis essay example) that is too broad or in an area that you are not really interested or skilled in can cause you many problems later on. It is very important that you choose your research topic from Canadian economics undergraduate dissertation topics with great care if you want to be able to deliver a well written dissertation at the end of your research.

Your dissertation will require you to display very clear critical thinking skills within your area of research. The paper will typically be between 10,000 to 15,000 words in length and mist be written in a very precise academic style. Your English use must be perfect throughout. Anything less and you may find that your paper will be rejected.

Selecting the Best Canadian Economics Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

There are many different ways that you can go about finding a good topic area for your own work. It is important however that you consider several to ensure that you select one that will manage to hold your own personal attention for the duration of your research and writing.

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The following are some good ways to find ideas for your dissertation:

  • Select a topic that you have already been researching such as for a term paper to continue your discoveries in that area.
  • Review writing in areas that take your interest. Pay particular attention to the parts of the papers in which they describe what they feel are the weaknesses in current research or where they identify gaps in current knowledge.
  • Brainstorm with your tutor and peers to discover ideas that may be of interest to you in your field.
  • Visit your library, many will have lists of topics that may be of interest to you.
  • Look at lists of topic suggestions online. There are many websites that will collate lists of potential topic areas for your research
10 suggestions for your dissertation topic in economics:
  1. Can removing layers of Canadian Government bureaucracy improve productivity and profitability?
  2. What could the Canadian Government do to boost the XYZ industry?
  3. How could tax incentives improve investment in ABC?
  4. How is entrepreneurship different in Canada compared to the US or Europe?
  5. Trends in Canadian consumer behavior
  6. What drives mergers within Canadian businesses
  7. How does the performance of the US economy impact Canada?
  8. How can business taxation effect unemployment in Canada?
  9. Regional government policy impact on company growth
  10. The effect of immigration on productivity and employment

Tips for Writing Your Economics Dissertation

Writing your dissertation is not going to be something that you can rattle off a few days before it is dues as you may have once done with your essay assignments. It takes a large amount of planning and writing skill if you want to ensure that you will get your degree. The following tips will help you with writing your dissertation in economics:

  • Define your research question or thesis so that it is clear what your dissertation and research is about.
  • Create a clear plan for your research and writing. Allow time for revisions and checking your work.
  • Outline your paper using the economics dissertation structure requested by your supervisor. A clear outline will show you exactly what you need to write within each of the sections and allows you to better see how the information will flow once written.
  • Do your writing at the same time every day so that you get used to getting the work done. Always work at a desk and ensure that there are no distractions so that you can fully concentrate on your work.
  • Revise and proofread your writing very carefully. Do not trust your computer to find all issues as it cannot. If you can have another person review your work for you as a second set of eyes will often spot things that you will miss.

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