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Studying for a Masters in Canada

Canada is a very popular destination for overseas students that want to study for a masters degree with more than 100,000 coming to the country to study there. Many students will want to gain their higher degree at a university in a country such as Canada. A typical Masters degree will be completed in 2 years full time while a Doctorate degree may take 5 to 6 years or even more. Your master degree dissertation Canada will usually be somewhere between 40 and 80 pages in length depending on the subject area in which you are researching while a doctorate dissertation may be around 150 pages or more. Also you may need some custom essay help as additional kind of paper.

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Having found a place and started your studies however you will need to ensure that your dissertation is written to a very high standard. It has to be in perfect academic English throughout and must be formatted for the subject that you are following. Any issues with your writing can cause your work to be returned to you for revisions delaying graduation or if deemed serious enough could even cause you to fail.

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Getting your writing spot on and avoiding dissertation problems is therefore very important and you will want to take great care. Investing time up front on your planning can make a huge difference on how well your research and writing goes.

9 Things to Avoid Within the Dissertation Process

The following are areas in which many students cause themselves problems and should therefore be avoided if you want to write that perfect dissertation and graduate with your masters degree:

  • Not planning your research and your writing; with 2 years or more of work ahead of you it is easy to think that you have a lot of time available to you. This causes many students to delay the start of their work and they will often find themselves rushing at the end to complete the work required. A clear and concise plan for your work is required and should be followed carefully.
  • Starting your writing too early; you need to get your research well developed before you start actually writing your dissertation. Starting to write at a too early point in the dissertation process can cause you to miss points and not cover things to a sufficient depth.
  • Failing to focus; writing something the length of a dissertation you can easily get distracted and start writing at a tangent to your main argument. Always stay focused on what you need to write.
  • Lack of flow; your dissertation should have a clear and logical flow throughout. Employ subheadings and ensure that you fully understand what should be covered within each section of your writing.
  • Not outlining what you will write; an outline should never be considered as being extra work that can be avoided. Writing a clear and concise outline for your paper will make a huge difference to the ease with which you can write and will help you to avoid a lot of rewriting at later stages.
  • Not having a clear and focused research question; knowing clearly what you are trying to achieve through your research is vital if you don’t want to find yourself wandering around in circles or writing in an unfocused manner. Take the time to clearly define your thesis or research questions.
  • Not using the correct academic style; your formatting for your pages and citations needs to be spot on. It is vital that you clearly understand exactly how your work should be formatted and apply it consistently throughout your paper.
  • Using poor sources for your research; many students rarely look beyond Google when seeking out relevant information to their topic. Make good use of your library to look at past papers, journals and other sources. If you do use the internet use a scholarly search engine and look mainly at educational or government hosted sources of information to ensure reliability.
  • Not avoiding errors in your writing; your computer is not going to find every issue with your writing, nor will a quick read through after you have finished writing. You need to do thorough and methodical proofreading of your work to make sure it is totally error free.

dissertation writing guide

Remember if you want to turn out the best paper you will need to do your planning up front and stick to it. The better your prepare and plan the smoother the research and writing process will go. Read any good dissertation writing guide and it will tell you that time spent on your planning is time well invested.

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