10 Golden Principles of Persuasive Essay Writing in Canada

Persuasive Essay Writing in Canada has its own peculiarities that set it apart from writing elsewhere, although there are plenty of similarities too. As you would expect, the whole point of a persuasive essay is to get your readers to agree with your point of view. It can be difficult to get to grips with writing in this style at first, so here are 10 principles to help you learn.

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How to Make a Persuasive Essay Shine

The key to success in any essay writing task is structure. A well thought out argument that is presented in a coherent manner will always persuade far more people than the same argument presently haphazardly. In order to succeed in humanitarian subjects like sociology, it’s important to learn the vital essay writing skills that will allow you to understand how to make a persuasive essay the best it can be.

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Perhaps one of the best ways of studying how to write persuasively is to follow the example of expert writers who have plenty of experience. If you’re looking for an example of persuasive essay topics to use, pick one that has a wealth of supporting evidence and the essay will practically write itself.

The 10 Golden Principles

Use these indispensable nuggets of expert advice alongside the best example of persuasive essay topics you can find, and you’ll be setting yourself up for great success.

persuasive essay writing in Canada tips and hints

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  • Choose a side. When it comes to persuading your audience, you need to jump off the fence and pick a team. Make sure that you consider the argument very carefully and only choose a topic you feel you can present logically without letting any subconscious biases come to the surface.
  • Work out your target audience. Get to grips with all sides of the argument you intend to discuss. By doing so, you can anticipate whether certain reader groups will agree or disagree with individual points. You can then persuade them to abandon their point of view in favor of yours.
  • Logical structure is vital. Think deeply about how you want to display your argument. In order to be as persuasive as possible, you need be able to present your supporting evidence in an incontrovertible manner. Logic is your friend here as it cannot be argued with.
  • Research is the right approach. You cannot hope to convince many people to side with you without the use of high-quality evidence. Ideally, as well as supporting your argument with evidence, you should obtain information that dissuades your audience from believing the opposing argument.
  • Use a variety of original sources. While you can use anecdotal evidence to support your point, it should be used sparingly and only when your audience is already edging towards agreement with you. Use well-conducted research to compel your audience to side with your interpretation of events.
  • Having done all, put pen to paper. Set out your introductory remarks to give relevant background information so that any reader can get up to speed with the topic. Clarity is key at this stage and as such you should complete your introduction with a thesis statement.
  • Support your thesis and refute the alternatives. Use one section of your main body of text for each individual piece of evidence or point you wish to make. The best persuasive essays will use logic to support their argument and then deconstruct any opposing arguments as and when appropriate.
  • Next you need to learn how to conclude a persuasive essay. The best way to bring any stragglers over to your side at this late stage is to summarize your argument and all of the strongest supporting evidence. Knowing how to conclude a persuasive essay with maximum effect is a skill you can learn by reading through examples.
  • Revise your content and trim the fat. The key to a compelling argument that persuades just about anyone who reads it has to do with efficiency. Stating a logical point based on good evidence does not require any extra fluff or superfluous content.
  • Wait a few days and read your argument afresh. Once you’ve disengaged slightly from what you’ve written, you’ll be able to see it more easily from your readers’ point of view. This is the stage at which you can make all the difference to your persuasive writing.

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Following these 10 golden rules will set you good stead when it comes to succeeding in persuasive essay writing in Canada. As long as you remember that structure is a vital component of any argument, you’ll be sure to win over the greatest number of skeptics. Now you have everything you need to capture the heart and mind of any reader.

When it comes to trying persuasive essay writing in Canada for the first time, stick to these 10 golden principles. Use this advice alongside great examples and you’re sure to score top marks.

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